Valvoline XLD Premium 15W40 Engine Oil 5L

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    Suitable for most engines manufactured prior to and including 2004.
    XLD Premium 15W-40 is a high quality SAE 15W-40 engine oil that has been blended with the highest quality basestocks to meet API SL/CF specifications. It provides optimum oil film strength that prolongs the life of the engine by reducing friction & wear.

    -Suitable for petrol and passenger diesel engines both naturally aspirated and turbo charged.
    -Uses advanced dispersant and detergent technology to reduce sludge and keep engine clean.
    -Provides excellent wear and corrosion protection for vital engine components


    Shipping Weight 1.87 kg
    Package Width 22 cm
    Package Height 33 cm
    Package Depth 10.3 cm


    Product Type Description XLD Premium 15W-40 5 Litre
    Description 5 Litre

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