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    Manufacturer Part No. T4065


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    Turtle Wax Car® Wash & Wax is a thick, rich concentrated detergent that is designed for peak car washing performance enriched with carnauba wax for enhanced shine.


    • Eco-friendly, biodegradable/ phosphate free formula 'pH Neutral
    • One easy step to wash, shine and protect
    • Gently washes away dirt and road grime without scratching
    • Dries spot free, leaving your car sparkling clean
    • Enriched with carnauba wax – for an enhanced shine

    How to use this product

    1. Hose off excess dirt from your vehicle. This protects the paint from undue scratching. 
    2. Add 25ml of Turtle Wax® Car Wash & Wax into a bucket and fill with 4L of water.
    3. Use a clean sponge and wash one section at a time. 
    4. Rinse off with clean water. Use a chamois to wipe off excess water to avoid water spotting.


    Shipping Weight 1.105 kg
    Package Width 11.1 cm
    Package Height 26 cm
    Package Depth 5.7 cm


    Product Type Description N/A
    Description B) CAR WASH WASH & WAX 1L T4055

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