Garage Tuff 2L Oil Pourer Jug

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    Garage Tuff 2L Oil Pourer Jug


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    Quench the thirst of your sweet ride with the Garage Tuff Oil Pourer Jug from Autobarn!

    • Flexible spout.
    • Measuring graduations
    • Zero waste.

    The Garage Tuff Oil Pourer Jug is a 2-liter jug with measuring graduations. With its clear markings, you will have an easier time determining the exact amount in the jug in both litres and quarts. It's a Grade A jug!

    It also features a semi-open cap. This allows you to easily refill the jug whenever you need. You won't need to worry about any oil spills in your garage! The jug has a flexible spout that can aid you in pouring oil into your engine. It's zero waste and goes all the way!

    You dont just have to use this jug for oil though, you can use it for almost any liquids. You can use it for cleaning your car or even for watering your plants. It's quite versatile!

    Chug your engines when you get your very own Garage Tuff Oil Pourer Jug here at Autobarn!


    Shipping Weight 0.2 kg
    Package Width 15 cm
    Package Height 21 cm
    Package Depth 13.5 cm


    Product Type Description N/A
    Description B) OIL POURER JUG 2L

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