SP Tools Universal Bearing Packer

    Product SKU Code: TO17948

    Manufacturer Part No. SP30818

    SP Tools Universal Bearing Packer


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    Product Details

  • For use with Grease Guns, the Design Incorporates Grease Nipple at One End which Easily Adapts to the Grease Gun Coupler
  • For Bearings in Cars, Boats, Trailers, 4WDs etc with a Minimum Inner Diameter of 12mm (1/2) to a Maximum Outer Diameter of 125mm (5) and Height from 6mm (1/4) to 50mm (2)


    Shipping Weight 0.439 kg
    Package Width 14.5 cm
    Package Height 5.5 cm
    Package Depth 22 cm


    Product Type Description Lubrication
    Brand SPTOOLS
    Description B) UNIVERSAL BEARING PACKER 997622

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