Rough Country Tyre Deflator and Gauge

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    Rough Country Tyre Deflator and Gauge


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  • Provides accurate pressure reading and tyre deflation when offroad.
  • Corrosion resistant components.
  • Protective rubber gauge surround.
  • Easy to read dial with PSI and Bar (0 - 100psi/7bar).
  • Includes storage pouch.

    1. Remove valve cap and attach the deflator to the valve stem by turning the valve stem connector in a clockwise direction.
    2.Hold hose collar steady while pushing in valve remover rod and turning it in an anti-clockwise direction.
    3.When the valve core is removed the valve remover rod will push out. Slide the hose collar out (away from valve stem) to start deflation.
    4.When the desired pressure is reached, push the hose collar back towards the valve stem and screw the valve remover rod back in a clockwise direction.
    5.Unscrew the deflator by turning the valve stem connector in an anti-clockwise direction and replace valve cap


    Shipping Weight 0.411 kg
    Package Width 14.5 cm
    Package Height 5.5 cm
    Package Depth 27.5 cm


    Product Type Description Accessories
    Description K) TYRE DEFLATOR & GAUGE

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