Refresh Your Car Gel Can 2.5OZ Fresh Linen

    Product SKU Code: CC04211

    Manufacturer Part No. 09922

    Refresh Your Car Gel Can 2.5OZ Fresh Linen


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    Product Details

    The Refresh Your Car Gel Cans pack a powerful fragrance experience in a discreet and easily hidden container. Fresh Linen is a classic crisp and clean fragrance that will remind you of your favorite sheets dried on a clothesline by a billowing breeze. Fresh Linen is a fragrance loved by many and suitable for use in any vehicle for any reason at any time.


    Shipping Weight 0.195 kg
    Package Width 6.4 cm
    Package Height 6.1 cm
    Package Depth 6.4 cm


    Product Type Description Air Freshener
    Brand REFRESH
    Description B) RYC GEL CAN 2.5OZ FRESH LINEN

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