Protective Plastics Falcon AU-BA-BF Driver Side Slimline Dark Tint Weathershield

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  • Ford Fairmont/Ghia AU Series I
  • Ford Fairmont/Ghia AU Series II & III
  • Ford Fairmont/Ghia BA Sedan
  • Ford Fairmont/Ghia BF Sedan
  • Ford Fairmont/Ghia BF Mk II Sedan
  • Ford Falcon AU Forte/ Futura Sedan & Wagon Series I
  • Ford Falcon AU XR6/XR8
  • Ford Falcon AU Utility
  • Ford Falcon AU Forte, Futura Sedan & Wagon Series II & III
  • Ford Falcon BA XT Futura Sedan & Wagon
  • Ford Falcon BA XR6/XR8 Sedan
  • Ford Falcon BA Utility
  • Ford Falcon BA XR6/XR8 Utility
  • Ford Falcon BF XT/Futura Sedan & Wagon
  • Ford Falcon BF Utility
  • Ford Falcon BF XR6/XR8 Sedan Tornado, Utility, F6
  • Ford Falcon BF MK II Sedan & Utility
  • Ford Falcon BF MK III Wagon
  • Ford LTD BA Sedan
  • Ford LTD BF Sedan


    Shipping Weight 0.3 kg
    Package Width 1.6 cm
    Package Height 11.3 cm
    Package Depth 0.4 cm


    Product Type Description Weathershield Slimline Driver Side
    Description Smoke Tint