PHILIPS H11 X-TremeVision 12V 55W Headlight Bulb

    Product SKU Code: EL19387

    Manufacturer Part No. 12362XVB1


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    Product Details

    100% more light : boost your vision on the road.
    Philips X-tremeVision headlight bulbs offers up to 100% more light with a light beam up to 35 meters longer than a standard lamp. X-tremeVision is engineered with state-of-theart technology for ultimate bright light.


    Shipping Weight 0.126 kg
    Package Width 9.5 cm
    Package Height 12.9 cm
    Package Depth 4.1 cm


    Product Type Description HEADLIGHT GLOBE H11 12V 55W PGJ19-2
    Brand PHILIPS
    Description X-tremeVision +100%

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