Penrite EP Grease Tub 2.5Kg

    Product SKU Code: OA00943

    Manufacturer Part No. EPGR0025

    Penrite EP Grease Tub 2.5Kg

    Product Details

    ACT GREASE XEP2 is a tenacious, highly specialised semi-synthetic, NLGI 2, lithium complex grease designed for use in agricultural and construction equipment as well as on highway trucks. It is manufactured from a bismuth EP/AW additive technology and utilises carefully blended polymers, to help provide excellent stay in place properties and to adhere to critical parts where it can better lubricate metal surfaces. It is coloured bright red-orange.


    Product Type Description NLGI 2 Red Lithium Extreme Pressure Grease
    Brand PENRITE
    Description 2.5 Litre

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