Protectant 473ml

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    Protectant 473ml


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    Product Details

    Preserves and protects for 30 days!

    Mothers Protectant is a penetrating UV blocker, effective on rubber, vinyl, plastic and fiberglass. Constructed to recondition and maintain the original condition and appearance of dashboards, bumpers, trim, tyres and more. Protectant isn’t an oily surface-coating film. It’s an ozone and smog resisting, UV shielding penetrant—a preservation agent that works on just about any uncoated plastic or rubber.

    Directions for use:

    Shake well before and during use. Finish should be clean, dry and cool.

    1. Spray directly onto surface or clean microfibre terry cloth or suitable applicator.
    2. Spread product evenly over surface, wiping away dirt and excess product
    3. Allow protectant to penetrate a few minutes.
    4. With a separate, clean microfibre or terry cloth towel, thoroughly buff all surfaces dry.

    NOTE: Do not apply to windows, floors or where slippery surfaces are undesirable.


    Shipping Weight 0.605 kg
    Package Width 11.1 cm
    Package Height 27.3 cm
    Package Depth 4.1 cm


    Product Type Description N/A
    Brand MOTHERS
    Description B) PRESERVES 473ML MOTHERS 655301 05316

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