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    Vehicle & Driver Safety


    In Car Digital Video Recorders commonly referred to as Dash or Crash Cams are front and rear facing cameras that continually loop record whilst driving. In the event of an accident, the unit will activate and stamp the incident onto the Micro SD Card. Some models fitted with GPS will also stamp the location and speed onto the recording to assist with insurance and police matters, giving you peace of mind and proof of the incident. At Autobarn we offer an extensive range of Dash Cams from the leading brands like Gator, Navman & Thinkware.
    We have models that not only record incidents, but can be used as a Sports Cam recording your special moments. We also stock Dash Cams that work as a portable navigation unit. Whatever your looking for, we can assist and offer you our professional installation service.

    1a. Navman Full Super 2K Full HD Dash Cam
    1b. Thinkware Full HD Dash Cam
    1c. Thinkware Full HD Dash Cam
    1d. Navman Mivue 689 Super 2K Full HD Dash Cam With Dual Recording
    1e. Gator Full HD Dash Cam With Front & Rear Recording Cameras
    1f. Gator Full HD Dash Cam With Inbuilt GPS
    1g. Gator Full HD Dash Cam


    Modern vehicle design tends to feature wide rear pillars and smaller rear windshields to improve rear impact protection. This reduces visibility! Cameras and sensors restore visibility and particularly in the case of toddlers or pets in a driveway, can make reversing much safer. Installing rear sensors and reversing cameras enables you to park in tighter spaces with less fear of hitting a vehicle. Most vehicles with sensors will give a tone that beeps as you approach the object. The beeping becomes more rapid until, at around 20cm away, the tone becomes solid. This gives drivers a good audible indication of distance. Many systems will overlay graphics onto the camera image which gives an indication of distance.
    At Autobarn we can offer you car safety products that work with your existing factory system or a complete aftermarket option, installed by our professional installers on site.
    Don’t delay, upgrade your vehicle to include these modern safety features now.

    2a. Gator Rear Parking Sensor Kit
    2b. Gator Rear Parking Sensor Kit
    2c. Gator 4.3” Reversing System
    2d. Gator 4.3” Clip-on Mirror Reversing System Kit
    2e. Gator 5” Clip On Rearview Mirror With Built-in Dash Cam & Reverse Camera

    NOTE: This information is provided as a guide only and professionals should be consulted when doing any work to a vehicle. Autobarn is not liable for any loss or damage which is suffered or incurred (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) for any personal injury or damage to property suffered or sustained as a result of using the information provided.