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    UHF Radios

    Anyone four-wheel-driving in convoy, should have a vehicle-mounted UHF radio fitted. The UHF radio enables you to keep in contact with people in your travel party and if needed warn them of upcoming hazards.

    1 - Mounted Units

    So with handheld and vehicle mounted options, what type of unit should I buy?
    In a 4WD, the first option should always be a mounted unit. They provide better range than handhelds which is assisted by the externally mounted antenna.
    Handheld units are also important as a secondary device, say for when a co-driver is guiding the driver from outside the vehicle through tricky terrain, or even to assist the driver when reversing a trailer or caravan.
    In many late model 4WD’s, traditional UHF units can be challenging to mount with no clear position for it in the dash. For this, ‘hide away’ units are a brilliant solution. All the functions are controlled from the handpiece meaning this is all that needs to be visible. The control box is mounted away out of sight.

    1a. Crystal 5W 80CH Remote Head Mic UHF
    1b. Crystal 5W 80CH Narrow Band UHF
    1c. GME Compact 5W 80CH UHF
    1d. Crystal Ultra Compact 5W 80CH UHF PLUS Antenna Kit
    1f. GME Super Compact 5W 80CH UHF PLUS Antenna Kit
    1e. GME 5W 80CH Ultimate Value UHF Pack

    2 - UHF Accessories

    Antenna choice is also very important. Output is measured in dBs (decibels).

  • 3dB emits a circular transmission pattern that is good in hilly areas.
  • 6dB emits an elliptical transmission pattern to the side & above with close to twice the 3dB distance.
  • 9dB emits a narrow pattern to the side & above with triple the 3dB distance over flat terrain, but are less effective in hilly country.
  • The best compromise is the 4.5dB antenna for all-round performance in hilly and flat country

    2a. Antenna Brackets-
  • Fibreglass Whip.
  • 4.5dBi 2.5ft Enclosed.
  • 7.5dBi 3.5ft Enclosed.
  • Elevated Antenna Kit.
  • Elevated Antenna Kit.
    2b. Antenna Brackets-
  • Bull Bar 45mm.
  • Bull Bar 50mm.
  • Bull Bar 63mm.
  • Bull Bar 76mm.
  • Right Angle.
  • Z 1.5mm Steel.
  • Universal.
  • Guttermount.

    3 - Handhelds

    Handheld UHF radios are a great addition for off-road drivers because they:

  • Enable users to venture from the vehicle and remain in radio contact with whoever stays behind.
  • Are great for search and rescue.
  • Are handy to use when recovering bogged vehicles.
  • Assist people to reverse trailers & caravans

    3a. Crystal 2W 80CH Twin Pack
    3b. Crystal 5W 80CH
    3c. GME 2W 80CH
    3d. GME 5W Pro 80CH

    NOTE: This information is provided as a guide only and professionals should be consulted when doing any work to a vehicle. Autobarn is not liable for any loss or damage which is suffered or incurred (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) for any personal injury or damage to property suffered or sustained as a result of using the information provided.