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    Performance Seats and Steering Wheels

    When customising the interior of your car, one of the most useful changes you can make is the replacement of your seats and steering wheel. Replacing your seats with sports or racing seats can have many benefits such as improved overall weight of the vehicle, greater comfort and they’re also great for racing applications. A steering wheel upgrade can really improve the look of the vehicle as well as your control and comfort. There are many things to consider when making these modifications, such as compatibility and safety so take a look below to get the ‘Know How’!


    Your standard factory front seats are most likely looking a little frayed around the edges or are simply no longer suitable for your performance requirements. Power to weight ratio is incredibly important when you’re working on getting more power at the wheels, this is most important if you intend to race. Seats are often laden with electrics and airbags which can affect the overall weight of your car, which in turn affects handling and acceleration. Switching to sport or racing seats is recommended when upgrading the performance of your vehicle or when you’re just looking for something a little more comfortable. Autobarn stock a great range of new seats to suit your needs.


    There are quite a few things to consider first before attempting to switch your seats. Compatibility is very important. It’s not often as simple as taking out the factory seat and putting in the new one. You must check if you will require an adaptor plate. Adaptor plates are special order items through your local Autobarn store and they can be purchased as left and right separately so it is possible to change one seat only if you wish. Keep in mind that we recommend a mechanic install the seats as sometimes some modification is required.


    Safety is incredibly important when making any modification to your vehicle. It is important when removing your seat to take safety features into account, as it can be dangerous and expensive if you make a mistake. This is why we recommend you seek professional assistance when attempting to install new seats. Your seat belts are one of the most important safety features of your car and are often overlooked when modifications are being made. Ensure you check if your new seat is built to support the seat belt being tethered to it (if that was the factory set up). As failing to do so could result in serious injury in the event of an accident. Racing harnesses are essential if your aim is making a track ready vehicle and come in many different configurations to suit the seats you put in.
    Airbags are an important safety feature that are often contained within the seats and deploy in the event of an accident. When you remove the seats you will also be taking out the airbag with it, so keep in mind that you will be lowering the safety rating of your vehicle by doing so. This may affect the road worthiness of the vehicle.
    When making any modifications to your car, ensure that you adhere to all state and federal (ADR) laws in regards to your road car, and CAMS rules if you intend on making a track car.

    Steering Wheels

    If that factory steering wheel has seen better days or your restoration demands a classic look, visit your local Autobarn for an upgrade. Sports and classic steering wheels go a long way to not only improving the look of the interior but improving your control and comfort too. If you're going to install a new steering wheel you're going to need two things; the new steering wheel and a boss kit.

    Boss kits suit various cars and allow for your new steering wheel to fit on the factory steering column. You're friendly Autobarn staff will know just which one is going to suit your car. If you are going to 'DIY' keep safety in mind as some factory steering wheels have airbags that may go off during the removal process, so take steps to prevent and protect yourself from injury.

    Autobarn stock a great range of performance accessories and upgrades so drop by your local store or have a look online:



    NOTE: This information is provided as a guide only and professionals should be consulted when doing any work to a vehicle. Autobarn is not liable for any loss or damage which is suffered or incurred (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) for any personal injury or damage to property suffered or sustained as a result of using the information provided.