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    Maintaining and Replacing Your Battery

    The battery is known as the heart of the vehicle and without a good working battery, the vehicle would not be going very far! Therefore, the battery is a key element in all vehicles that should be regularly maintained and serviced; but we don’t have to wait until we break down or for it to go flat to change the battery.
    As the battery comes to the end of its life, there are many warning signs and maintenance tips to ensure you are getting the most out of your battery. Below, we help you look for these signs;   

    Look & Listen For Warning Signs
    •Check the age of the battery regularly. Most batteries have a life of around 3 years.
    •If the vehicle has a battery warning light, always keep an eye on it and if it does turn on, seek professional advice.
    •If a vehicle is struggling to start or is cranking slowly, this can be a sign of a weak battery. Listen for strange or unusual sounds when starting your vehicle.

    Keep Your Battery ‘Out Of The Elements’
    Always ensure batteries are kept clean and dry. Water, dust and dirt left on the battery can lead to corrosion and cause the battery to deteriorate. Keeping the vehicle indoors (garages, undercover car parks etc), will protect the battery from the cold and ensure starting the vehicle is much easier.

    Regularly Check The Connections
    Generally located on the top of the battery, check the battery terminals/connections are clean and tightened to enable the best possible current flow. Having corrosion on the terminals can interrupt the proper current flow, by adding electrical resistance. Corrosion on the terminals is quite common and can prevent the vehicle from starting if unclean. The best way to clean the terminals is to disconnect the battery and clean the battery with a small amount of water and a wire brush. Before fitting the battery back into the car, wipe down and make sure the terminals and connections are both completely dry of the water. Applying a small amount of anti-corrosion terminal grease can also help but is not essential. Be sure to wear protective gear (gloves, long sleeves, long pants, closed-toe shoes and safety eye wear).

    Charging The Battery
    Under-charged batteries or batteries that are not used often will slowly loose life/go flat over time which will ultimately lessen the life of the battery. Charging accessories are available at your local Autobarn store.

    When To Replace Your Battery
    •If the vehicle is having problems cranking when starting, this is often a sign that the battery has low charge or is deteriorating.
    •If a clicking or ticking noise happens when starting the vehicle, this can be a sign of a completely flat battery or that the battery is too weak to provide enough voltage to the starter motor.
    •If the battery is in poor physical condition.
    •After approximately 3 years.

    How To Replace Your Battery
    NOTE: Before we start, each Autobarn store has trained staff in how to replace automotive batteries, so pop into your local store if you require assistance or if you have any questions. Contact your local store for more information.

    1. Disconnect the current car battery. With the car parked in a safe place, turned off and on level ground, remove the battery terminals, by first removing the negative (-) terminal and then the positive terminal (+) second. Avoid letting the battery leads come in contact with each other.
    2. Remove the restraints that hold the battery in place and remove the battery from the engine bay.
    3. Clean and dry the battery; see above.
    4. Install the new battery. Place the new battery in and tighten the battery restraints ensuring the battery will not move or rattle. Connect the battery terminals, this time connecting the positive (+) first and then the negative (-) terminal.
    5. Start your vehicle!


    Safety Tips

    •Always keep batteries out of reach of children.
    •Batteries are quite often heavy so always use the right lifting procedures and use the handle, if available on the battery.
    •If battery acid is ever visible, replace or have the battery replaced immediately. Battery acid contains sulphuric acid and can be harmful if it comes in contact with skin.
    •Always keep open flames and sparks away from vehicle batteries.
    •Do not place metallic objects on the battery as this can cause the battery to short.
    •Ensure when the battery is fitted into the vehicle, it is tight and secure into its place. Also, ensure the terminals are always tightened.

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  • This information is provided as a guide only and professionals should be consulted when doing any work to a vehicle. Autobarn is not liable for any loss or damage which is suffered or incurred (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) for any personal injury or damage to property suffered or sustained as a result of using the information provided.