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    Jump Starters

    Choosing The Right Jump Starter

    Portable jump starters have been around for years. Essentially, they are a portable rechargeable battery that will get you started in the event of a flat battery in your vehicle.

    As with most things, the technology has continued to develop and these days you don’t necessarily need a big bulky unit to get the job done.

    The latest development is ‘Smart Start Chargers’ which due to Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery technology are almost small enough to fit in your pocket, yet still hold enough grunt to start most engines. There is now an even ‘gruntier’ version that is capable of jump starting petrol engines up to 7.0 litre capacity and even diesel engines up to 4.0 litres!

    Smart Chargers also include a USB port with the ability to charge tablets and smart phones several times before requiring recharging themselves which makes them great to take away camping. They even have adaptors for all popular brands included.

    The most important things to remember when purchasing a jump starter are:
  • Select one that will easily cope with the size of your engine.
  • Consider the physical size of the unit. Will it take up too much room when packing the car for a trip?
  • Most importantly, keep it on charge at home to ensure the battery inside the unit has a long life and will be ready to rescue you, should the need arise.

    1. SJS Smart Start Charger 16,500mAH

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    2. SJS Smart Start
    Charger 12,800mAH

    3. Super Mini
    Booster 12V

    4. Projecta 1200Amp
    Jump Starter 12V

    5. Powerwize
    Jump Starters

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