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    10 Essential Automotive Tools


    Esseential Tools

    Leaving your car at a mechanics for maintenance or servicing is often the easiest and most reliable way of servicing your vehicle. After all, they are trained professionals who often have a better understanding of the vehicle than anyone else. However, there will be those times when it wont be possible to get your car to the mechanics or a workshop; whether it is because they are booked out or that the car wont start; sometimes it will just have to be worked on at home. Here, we discuss some essential tools every car owner should have in their garage to complete the simple tasks on their vehicle.




    1.       Jack/Axle Stands

    The jack and axle stands should always be used when the car has been raised off the ground. These additional supports ensure safety is always kept as a priority. Most cars will have factory-recommended slots underneath the car for the axle stands to be used. Always read the instructions in your vehicles ownership manual on how and where the stands can be used.




    2.       Fire Extinguisher

    When working in a garage on a vehicle, you are in an enclosed space with explosive liquid (fuel and gas), an energy source (battery) and other flammable materials. For the safety of yourself, your working space and your car, an extinguisher is a necessary safety item.




    3.       Wrench/Spanner, HEX Key, Plier and Screwdriver Sets

    These sets of tools are not only common to be used on vehicles; they are also common household tools too. These tools will be able to be used on many areas of the vehicle from the engine, panels to the interior of the vehicle.  




    4.       Oil Pan/Drip Tray and Funnel

    Changing your vehicle’s oil is a common task that can be completed at home. Having a drip tray and funnel, can help avoid any unnecessary mess or spills which can be hard to clean up!




    5.       Trolley Jack

    The easiest way to lift your car off the ground at home is with a trolley jack. Jacks can come in a variety of weights and sizes. Always be sure to check which jack is best suited for your vehicle before purchasing. Most vehicles will also have “jack points” under the car,  this is where the car should be jacked up from.




    6.       Wheel Chocks

    They may seem unnecessary but wheel chocks are an important safety element. When the car has been raised of the ground, chocks should be used to stop the car rolling dangerously backwards or forwards (depending on where the car has been raised from).




    7.       Wheel/Lug Wrench (Tyre Iron)

    A flat tyre is one of the most common issues drivers will have to face without their mechanic. Therefore changing a wheel is a job that all drivers should be capable of completing. Using a wheel wrench is the easiest way to undo the wheel nuts, and can often be found with the spare tyre in a vehicles boot.




    8.       Jumper Cables

    Jumper Cables can get you out of the sticky situation of a flat battery and are quite simple to use. Jumper cables are available in different sizes and strengths so before purchasing, be sure to check the cables capacity to ensure it will suit your battery.




    9.       Torch/Worklight

    Having to work on your vehicle at night or in the dark is also a situation that often cannot be avoided. Having a worklight or flashlight can help rectify these situations.




    10.   Oil Filter Wrench

    An oil filter wrench will make removing tough and stubborn oil filters a lot less difficult.




    Helpful Hints

    • Always keep a torch in the car in the case of having to work on the car away from home at night.
    • Keeping your tools clean and in good condition will help them to last a long time.
    • Always use a jack on level and solid ground.
    • When using a jack, be sure to use axle stands and wheel chocks.
    • If unsure on how to use any of the tools or how to complete any specific jobs on a vehicle; be sure to seek professional advice before beginning.
    • Keeping tools well organized will help when trying to find the right tool. The last thing anyone wants is not being able to find the right tool when they’re in a rush!



    NOTE: This information is provided as a guide only and professionals should be consulted when doing any work to a vehicle. Autobarn is not liable for any loss or damage which is suffered or incurred (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) for any personal injury or damage to property suffered or sustained as a result of using the information provided.