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    Dash Cams & Bluetooth Connectivity

    What Are Dash Cams?

    Dash Cams are digital cameras mounted inside the windscreen of your vehicle that have the capacity to continually record the action. They also go by the names of Crash Cams or even Black Box Car Recorders and have been featured extensively on recent news and current affairs programs.

    Dash Cams offer drivers the peace of mind that in the event of a driving mishap, the incident has been captured and recorded. They feature multiple recording modes offering loop and motion detection recording, with some also featuring GPS capability to simultaneously record vehicle speed and location. It is acknowledged that the presence of a Dash Cam in a vehicle, can moderate and improve driving behaviour.

    Whether you’re looking for a device that will be your silent witness in the event of an accident or want to record your journey or the location and driving speed of your on-road team, Autobarn has an extensive range of options we can recommend.

    Bluetooth Connectivity

    Driving a car should be a safe experience, not only for those in the car but for everyone on the road. Bluetooth® wireless hands-free car devices make it legal for full licenced drivers to use your phone in your car providing the phone is securely mounted in a commercially manufactured holder.

    At Autobarn we can advise and install legal hands-free devices which will keep you safe and avoid heavy fines and demerit points.

    Great Dash Cams & Bluetooth Devices Available At Autobarn!

    Navman Mivue 530
    Dash Cam

    Dash Cam

    Gator GPS
    Dash Cam

    Strike Alpha
    iPhone Cradles


    Mini Kit

    Car Kit



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