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    Battery Chargers

    Which Battery Charger Is Right For Me?

    Car battery gone flat? Perhaps you have a boat, jet-ski, motorbike or ride-on mower that isn’t used every day? Batteries that are kept fully charged will last much longer than those that are allowed to drain down over time while not being used. Choosing the right charger will ensure your machine is ready to go when you are and also help to get the full life expectancy out of the battery.

    The technology and chemistries used in batteries have advanced significantly over the years. We now see terms such as AGM, CALCIUM, GEL and DEEP CYCLE when looking at batteries. In many cases the choice of battery charger used to charge them is very important, as using an old style ‘linear charger’ on some modern batteries can damage the battery and can be dangerous.

    Matching the right size and type of charger for the battery you have will ensure maximum life out of your battery. A small output charger is going to struggle to charge a high capacity battery efficiently and can also reduce the working life of the battery.

    Autobarn has a huge range of battery chargers and the knowledge to help you choose the right product to suit your requirement.

    Battery Chargers Available For Click & Collect!

    1. Projecta Pro-Charge Microprocessor

    2. ArkPak
    AC:DC / DC:DC
    Battery Charger

    3. Projecta
    Battery Charger
    2Stage 1600mA

    4. Battery Link
    Automatic Chargers 4000mA to 8000mA



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