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    Air Compressors & Accessories

    Adding an air compressor to your home garage set up can open up enormous opportunities for the DIY person. With a compressor at home all sorts of automotive repair jobs that were previously too difficult can be so much easier to take on.

    Air compressors can be used to run a myriad of different tools from a simple blower nozzle to tyre inflators, spray painting equipment and mechanical tools such as die grinders, impact guns and air ratchets.

    The most important component though is the compressor itself. It is super important that the compressor you have is capable of

    running the tools you are likely to want to use. Different tools require different air availability and different line pressure to operate effectively.

    As an example, an impact gun being used to loosen the wheel nuts of a car will require more air, and higher line pressure than a gravity fed spray gun, which relies on a relatively low line pressure.

    The key differentiator to help you identify how each compressor might cope with certain tools is in its “FREE AIR DELIVERY” rating. The table below is a useful guide to help you understand the free air requirements of different air tools and how that impacts on which compressor is best suited to your needs.

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