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    Accessories For Touring 4WD Vehicles


    For anyone planning to use their 4WD for touring or camping it is very common to install a second battery in the vehicle to handle accessories such as fridges that need to be running all the time and not just when on the move.
    Modern 4WDs are complicated beasts with more technology built in which changes both how we can mount a second battery and also how we recharge it. Most require a vehicle specific mounting tray which are designed to ensure proper fit but also protect against fatigue of panels not designed to carry the weight of a heavy battery. Some even need to be fitted outside the engine bay.
    The way we charge the second battery has also changed due to the use of smart alternators that are not able to manage a second battery. Most 4WDs built from 2010 onwards will require the use of a DC-DC battery charger to charge the auxiliary battery.
  • 1a. Projecta Intelli-Charge 25A DC-DC Charger.
  • 1b. Supercharge Amp-Tech Deep Cycle Batteries.
  • 1c. Supercharge Allrounder Starting & Deep Cycle Batteries.
  • 1d. Projecta Model Specific 4WD Battery Trays.

    2) SOLAR

    When camping or when the 4WD is not being driven for perhaps a couple of days but your fridge is still running, the best way to maintain charge in the auxiliary battery is with a solar panel. Think of this like a sun powered battery charger to restore used charge.
    Folding framed panels are great for higher output but will take up more space in the vehicle when travelling, so a great compromise is a folding solar blanket. Its output is less but when folded up is about the size of a pillow.
  • 2a. Rough Country 100W Fabric Solar Blanket.
  • 2b. Rough Country Folding Solar Panel Kits.

    3) FRIDGES

  • 3a. Rough Country 40LT Fridge Freezer.
  • 3b. Waeco CFX-35 Fridge, Stand, Frdge Bag & Wireless Remote Bundle.
  • 3c. Waeco CFX-50 Fridge, Stand, Fridge Bag & Wireless Remote Bundle.


    After bull bars, the next most common accessory fitted to 4WDs are driving lights.
    These days LED lights are by far the most popular due to their modern styling; they have improved significantly in recent times compared to early models.
    The spread of light has always been a strength in LED, but distance was often poor. These days quality LED driving lights and bars deliver very impressive usable distance. This is best explained by their ‘distance (metres) @ 1 lux’ statistics.
    1 lux is enough light to read a newspaper in what would otherwise be darkness.
  • 4a. Hard Korr XD Series Single Row LED Driving Light Bars.
  • 4b. Hard Korr XD Series Gen 3 Hybrid Technology Double Row LED Driving Light Bars.
  • 4c. Hard Korr XD Series 7” Round LED Driving Lights.
  • 4d. Hard Korr Bullbar Mounting Clamps.
  • 4e. Hard Korr Wiring Harness Kit


  • 5a. 50Amp Anderson Plug, 50Amp Anderson Plug Cap & 50Amp Anderson Plug Handle.
  • 5b. Anderson Style Adaptor Leads - Cigarette Socket, Eye Terminal, Cigarette Plug, Insulated Battery Clamps & Piggyback Lead.
  • 5c. Selected Narva 4WD Rocker Switches.
  • 5d. Narva HDRV Accessory Sockets.


  • 6a. Autotecnica Adventurer Recliner Sports Seat.
  • 6b. Saas Pillar Gauge Mounts.
  • 6c. Saas Turbo Diesel Boost Gauge.
  • 6d. Saas Digital Dual Volt Gauge.
  • 6e. Saas EGT Gauge.
  • 6f. Saas Digital Turbo Timer.

    NOTE: This information is provided as a guide only and professionals should be consulted when doing any work to a vehicle. Autobarn is not liable for any loss or damage which is suffered or incurred (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) for any personal injury or damage to property suffered or sustained as a result of using the information provided.