Gulf Western Oil COMPRESSOR OIL 1L


    Gulf Western Oil COMPRESSOR OIL 1L

    Product SKU Code: TO16889

    Manufacturer Part No. 30175

    Gulf Western Oil COMPRESSOR OIL 1L


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    Product Details

    Mineral Compressor is a premium quality mineral, multi purpose range of compressor oils. Formulated for use in rotary vane, reciprocating, axial and screw air compressors
    Note: Not suitable for use in compressors producing air for breathing. It is available in ISO Viscosity Grades 32, 46, 68 and 100


    Product Type Description MINERAL COMPRESSOR VG 68 1L 8CTN
    Description 1 Litre
    Shipping Weight 0.90 kg
    Package Width 6 cm
    Package Height 26 cm
    Package Depth 13 cm

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