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    Our pro-grade super hydrophobic fabric protectant is something we are really proud to now have in the range, after having to abort this product many years ago due to the enviromental concerns with it. Water based, it's safe, biodegradable and works awesome to help keep your fabric protected from stains.

    • Great for all interior fabric trim, from seat belts to fabric seats, carpet, even fantastic for exterior fabric convertible roofs as well
    • Helps prevent liquid staining from accidental (or non accidental) spills that can happen in your car or home
    • Good abrasion resistance, so it won't wipe off when touched or rubbed
    • UV protection Important for fabrics in cars and many being more susceptible to losing colour if in the sun over time
    • Will last up to one year after application
    • It is all Aussie made and developed!


    Shipping Weight 0.35 kg
    Package Width 10 cm
    Package Height 25 cm
    Package Depth 5.6 cm


    Product Type Description N/A
    Description R) FABRATECTION

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