Bowden's Own Nanolicious Wash 2L

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    Bowden's Own Nanolicious Wash 2L


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    A couple of years ago we sat down with our chemists and began the wish list for a dream wash. This wash needed to be super lubricating, have amazing cleaning power, gentle on delicate modern paints and hands, be a true protective wash suitable for the Aussie enviromental conditions and work with modern nano based paint coatings.
  • It took a couple of years to get right, but what we created is one of the best and most unique washes on the planet.
  • Our dream wash, created with the finest modern ingredients available.
  • Adds polymer based protection, to protect from the Aussie suns UV rays.
  • Restores a beautiful deep shine to your car after each wash.
  • Deep cleaning formula, the most effective we have ever made, that's still safe and gentle on all paint, plastic trims and rubbers.
  • pH balanced so it won't strip quality waxes, sealants, paint protection coatings, or your hands.
  • Super thick and lubricating suds, that encapsulate dirt and grit to stop it from scratching.
  • Uniquely rejuvenates and repairs hydrophobicity on SiO2 protective coatings. Even bringing them back from the dead with a few washes.
  • Sheets off faster for better rinsing, with no streaking or oily residues common in other "protective" washes.
  • No salt or silicones are used in this formula, because we love cars.
  • Super concentrated, just 25mls is needed for 10 litres of water. (21 washes in 500mls, 84 in the 2 litre bottle).
  • It's a completely biodegradable and earth friendly formula.


    Shipping Weight 2.33 kg
    Package Width 12.6 cm
    Package Height 25.5 cm
    Package Depth 11.3 cm


    Product Type Description Washes
    Description B) NANOLICIOUS WASH 2L

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