Bowden's Own Boss Gloss 750ml

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    Bowden's Own Boss Gloss 750ml


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    This awesome detailing spray is made for car lovers who need something super fast and easy to bring up a great shine. As it's so fast and easy to use, Boss Gloss has become the go to product for our family to use on our cars before a show or tour event. It's also ideal for a quick go over before the car show judges appear (even in the sun) or a fast spruce up before car club run. It gives a high gloss shine and leaves a lovely slick finish for the win.

  • Bowden's Own fastest and easiest to use detailing spray
  • Gives a slick smooth finish and great show-car shine
  • Water based synthetic formula that's ideal for both modern clear coats and older single stage paints
  • Won't strip waxes or sealants, so it's ideal to use as a final step process
  • Perfect for car shows as it cleans off light dust, road grime and fingerprints
  • Built in lubrication, to help encapsulate fine dirt particles and help reduce micro scratches and swirls
  • Wipes off fast and streak free, on wet or dry surfaces, even in the sun
  • Safe for all exterior surfaces including glass, chrome, polished alloy and exterior hard plastic trim
  • Bowden's Own best lubricant to use with the Fine Clay Bar or Clay Towels
  • Can also be used as an afterwash, to help dry your car with the Big Green Sucker
  • Biodegradable and earth friendly, for people who care about their cars and the environment
  • For cars that are used regularly and live mainly outdoors, have a look at Bowden's Own Fully Slick protective detailing spray
  • Specifications

    Shipping Weight 0.84 kg
    Package Width 11 cm
    Package Height 25 cm
    Package Depth 7 cm


    Product Type Description Detailers
    Description B) BOWDENS OWN BOSS GLOSS 750ML

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