Castrol MANUAL VMX transmission fluid - 75W-85, 4L

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    Product Details

    Manual transmission fluid of advanced design developed to suit Mitsubishi manual transmission and transaxle factory and service fill requirements.It is particularly versatile in cold weather. It reduces shift effort at start-up, as well as controllingtransmission noise and idle rattle at operating temperatures.It is Castrols prime recommendation for all Mitsubishi manual transmissions and transaxles in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (LCVs) e.g. Canter, Pajero, Triton, Starion, Colt, Lancer, etc.


    • Quieter transmission operation
    • Easier low temperature shifting driver comfort
    • High shear stability for excellent film strength and protection during the life of the lubricant
    • Improved gear tooth and bearing durability
    • Good thermal stability ensures good performance at sustained high temperatures.
    • Type: Premium Mineral
    • Viscosity: 75W-85
    • Size: 4L


    • Mitsubishi TGO-2
    • SAE 75W-85W (equivalent to 10W-30)
    • API Service Classification GL-4


    Shipping Weight 3.68 kg
    Package Width 12.1 cm
    Package Height 30 cm
    Package Depth 22.2 cm


    Product Type Description Manual VMX-M 75W85 4 Litre
    Brand CASTROL
    Description 4 Litre

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