Castrol Universal Semi Synthetic Oil - 80W-90, 4L

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    Castrol Universal Semi Synthetic Oil - 80W-90, 4L


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    Castrol Universal 80W-90 is a manual transmission and rear axle lubricant. It is Castrols prime recommendation for all transaxles that include both helical and hypoid type gears.Vehicles with combined transmission and hypoid differentials where Castrol Universal 80W-90is recommended include the following:
  • Alfa Romeo: Most models from 1975 onwards
  • Porsche: All models except 924
  • Subaru: All models from 1984 onwards
  • Toyota: Most 4WDs and selected family passenger vehiclesCastrol Universal 80W-90 is recommended in place of SAE 80W-90 GL-4 or 5 gear oil whereimproved cold shift is desired.


    • Excellent gearshift capability
    • Quiet transmission operation driver comfort
    • Single product for transmission and final drive
    • High load carrying capability ensures gears operating under high loads are protected prolonging component life.
    • Type: Semi Synthetic
    • Viscosity: 80W-90
    • Size: 4L


    • SAE 80W-90
    • API Service Classification GL-5, GL-4


    Shipping Weight 3.7 kg
    Package Width 12.6 cm
    Package Height 26.5 cm
    Package Depth 22 cm


    Product Type Description Universal 80W90 4 Litre
    Brand CASTROL
    Description 4 Litre

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