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    Castrol EDGE 25W-50 is a mineral SAE 25W-50, engine oil formulated for big bore street machines, naturally aspirated, supercharged or turbocharged. Castrol EDGE 25W-50 is a premium quality multigrade SAE 25W-50, API SG/CD oil. It is a race bred oil that is the ultimate product for modified engines, push-rod technology, street machines and big bore competition engines. Castrol EDGE 25W-50 has demonstrated superior protection in certain highly loaded valve-train components and delivers the best cam-wear protection for radical cam profiles. Castrol EDGE is tested to its limits.

    Castrol EDGE 25W-50:
  • Suitable for use in automotive petrol engines where the manufacturer recommends an SAE 25W-50, API SG/CD or earlier specification 25W-50 lubricant
  • Suitable for use in large in-board power and ski boats & is suitable for use in veteran motorcycles and motor cars where high viscosity oils are specified or required
  • Suitable for use in manual transmissions of cars & commercial vehicles where SAE 40 or 50 grade engine oils or SAE 90 straight (non EP) gear oils are recommended


    Shipping Weight 4.58 kg
    Package Width 12.1 cm
    Package Height 32 cm
    Package Depth 22 cm


    Product Type Description EDGE 25W-50 5 Litre
    Array CASTROL
    Description 5 Litre

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