Castrol Axle EPX 85W-140 Axle Fluid 4L

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    High viscosity, multipurpose axle fluid oil for use in differentials, final drives and other applications where API GL-5 is required. Recommended for use in differentials, gear boxes and steering gears of cars. Castrol Axle EPX 85W-140 should be considered for use over the lighter Castrol Axle EPX 80W-90 when ambient temperatures are high (in the vicinity of 30C or above). Wide range of European OEM approvals, High load carrying capability ensures gears operating under high loads are protected prolonging component life. High film strength ensures protection against wear and shock loads. Good thermal/oxidation stability protects against the formation of harmful deposits and oil thickening thus prolonging of both lubricant and components. API GL-5 SAE J306B Viscosity Classification 85W-140 ZF TE-ML 16D, 21A Ford ESW-M2C-108A US MIL-L-210. B. C and D 85W-140 Chrysler 41/MS 3725


    Shipping Weight 3.68 kg
    Package Width 12.1 cm
    Package Height 30 cm
    Package Depth 22.2 cm


    Product Type Description Axle EPX 85W-140 4 Litre
    Array CASTROL
    Description 4 Litre

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