Castrol ACTIV 4T Premium Mineral Engine Oil - 15W-50, 4L

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    Modern high quality engine oil specifically for 4-stroke engines.Developed with wear protection formula ensures continuous protection throughout the draininterval so that you can start and go in confidence.


    • Significantly reduces engine wear during start-up and warm-up
    • Improved engine cleanliness, promoting longer engine life
    • Enhanced gear wear protection for transmission gears.
    • Type: Premium Mineral
    • Viscosity: 15W-50
    • Size: 4L


    • JASO MA-2
    • API SL


    Shipping Weight 3.68 kg
    Package Width 12 cm
    Package Height 30 cm
    Package Depth 22 cm


    Product Type Description Activ 4T 15W-50 4 Litre
    Brand CASTROL
    Description B) ACTIV 4T 15W50 4L MOTORCYCLE OIL CAST 115245 4101146

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