Bowden's Own Vinyl Care 500ml

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    Our world first silicone free interior cleaner and protectant. Using it regularly will look after all your cars interior vinyl, artificial leather, plastic and rubber. The only 100% silicone, oil and water based free product on the market.
  • Safe for long term use on all vinyl dashes and rubber trims.
  • Non-slip ideal for steering wheels and floor mats.
  • Its non-greasy, water based formulation does not attract dust.
  • Enhances vinyls and plastics to a natural looking satin lustre.
  • Unique low reflection finish to stop dangerous windscreen glare.
  • UV protectants help to prevent colour fading & aging effects.
  • Biodegradable and non toxic formula.
  • Anti-microbial additives to help inhibit bacteria, mould and mildew.
  • Does not affect colour dyes.
  • NO oil or water based silicones. Plus it is also solvent free, meaning it will not dry out vinyl, plastic or rubber nor will it create cracking and fissures.
  • Unique ingredients to help reduce annoying interior window haze.
  • For exterior vinyl, rubber and plastic protection, have a look at our Vinyl Revival.


    Shipping Weight 0.567 kg
    Package Width 10 cm
    Package Height 25 cm
    Package Depth 5.6 cm


    Product Type Description Protectant Cleaner

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