Bowden's Own Wheely Clean 500ml

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    Bowden's Own Wheely Clean 500ml


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    It was over a decade ago when we began looking into creating a wheel cleaner for ourselves. We had unfortunately experienced a set of alloy wheels getting badly damaged thanks to an all wheels safe acid based wheel cleaner, that was obviously not safe for ours Not wanting to have this ever happen to anyone else, our chemist was given the task to make us a truly safe one, that works! We never in our wildest dreams could have imagined how amazing this final product would turn out to be. One of our biggest selling products, give it a go and you will see why!
  • Our fantastic wheel cleaner, which took 9 years to develop.
  • No acids, not corrosive or caustic and pH balanced.
  • Safe on all wheel types including clear coated, polished alloy, chromed, painted, steel, carbon, anodised, billet, magnesium, matte finish, and even plastic dipped/coated wheels too.
  • Epic for high performance and European cars with heavy brake dust issues.
  • Quick to use. Just spray on, quickly scrub and then hose off (pressure washer is strongly advised).
  • Can be scrub free if you're only cleaning heavy brake dust. Spray on and pressure wash off.
  • Unique chemical reaction breaks down brake dust and grime to a purple coloured water soluble complex, for easy washing off.
  • Non gagging ingredients, does not reek or make you want to pass out as much as others do.
  • LATEST VERSION - works faster, more effective on grime and a reduction in its "unique" fragrance.
  • Proudly all Aussie made and developed formula, some of our chemists best work here.
  • Aussie 500ml or you can get 2, 5 and 20 litre drums as well.


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    Package Depth 5 cm


    Product Type Description Wheel Cleaners

  • Customer Reviews

    by james

    best product for your wheels in the world!

    (Posted on 13/09/2018)

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