Bowden's Own Auto Body Gel 500ml

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    Our first ever product, that we created after discovering all the other car washes on the market contained salt! Its been a popular one thanks to its slipperiness that helps stop dirt from micro scratching your paint, and that now famous after wash glow it leaves on your car. Super concentrated as well, with close to double the amount of washes per bottle as all the watered down imports. Give it a go, we promise you'll love it.
  • A rich, gloss enhancing wash, for those who want the best for their car.
  • Safe for frequent, yet effective washing on all paint finishes.
  • Helps give paint a lustrous, brilliant glow.
  • No sodium/ salt in this formula, a unique feature of this wash.
  • Contains rust inhibiting agents & UV protectants.
  • Good sudsing power, to help suspend dirt and grime away from the paint.
  • Does not leave streaks, so you can wash in the sun.
  • pH neutral, will not strip your protective wax or paint protection coating.
  • Very slippery for helping prevent swirls when you wash.
  • Helps to condition and extend the life of your wax coat.
  • Silicone free, to be suitable for satin and matte finished surfaces, including vinyl wraps.
  • Phosphate free, biodegradable, gentle on your hands and the environment.
  • 21 full strength washes in a 500ml bottle, a lot more than our imported competition.


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