Bowden's Own Orange Agent 500ml

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    A uniquely pH neutral, ready to use all purpose spray. It's especially great for cleaning engine bays, being safe for all your polished metals and other delicate surfaces, but strong enough to clean up all the heavy dirt and grime. Also awesome for hood lining's, cleaning wax applicators, really grimy interiors, wheels, tyres, plastic trims, undercarriages and perhaps the biggest users have been the bike guys, both motorised and people powered varieties.

  • Bowden's Own much needed safe and powerful engine cleaner
  • For easy degreasing of engine bays, bikes, and other components
  • Effective, non corrosive, water based formula, with a citrus based cleaning agent that is biodegradable and eco friendly
  • Rapidly dissolves oil, grease and grime
  • Penetrates built up stubborn residue
  • Safe on paint, metal, alloy and most plastics
  • Easy to use - spray on, brush, then hose off
  • Gives a showroom clean finish with no white or greasy residue
  • Brilliant for other heavier cleaning jobs as well
  • Works well at cleaning wheels, tyres, inside guards and under carriages
  • Great and safe cleaner for bikes, both pedal and motorised types
  • We find it perfect for cleaning down the engine after a big day at the races
  • Also works well to clean wax and cleanser applicator pads
  • Great liquid for extractor vaccums and as a interior cleaner before using Bowden's Own Vinyl Care.
  • Specifications

    Shipping Weight 0.58 kg
    Package Width 10 cm
    Package Height 25 cm
    Package Depth 5.6 cm


    Product Type Description Degreaser

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