Batterylink Battery Charger 12V 3.6Amp Mcu

    Product SKU Code: EL02296

    Manufacturer Part No. MCU036

    Batterylink Battery Charger 12V 3.6Amp Mcu

    Product Details

    Battery Link Pro-Series chargers feature micro processor technology to controls the entire charging process by electronically monitoring the battery's current and voltage and determining what charging rate is required to keep the battery in good working order. They are designed to extend the service life of batteries and therefore can be left connected to a battery for long periods and will safely hold the charge, eliminating flat batteries and starting problems. They are suitable for the recovery, charging and maintenance of most starting and deep cycle batteries commonly used in all sorts of vehicles from golf carts to ride-on mowers, cars to caravans and jet skis to larger pleasure craft.


    Shipping Weight 0.6 kg
    Package Width 26.5 cm
    Package Height 24.5 cm
    Package Depth 8 cm


    Product Type Description Battery Chargers, Battery Chargers
    Description BATTERY CHARGER 12V 3.6AMP MCU

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