Armor All Wash N Wax 1L

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    Manufacturer Part No. 00111

    Armor All Wash N Wax 1L


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    When it comes to your vehicle, maintenance is the key to smooth performance. Thats not the only important part of owning a car though. Looks matter, too! Keep your car spotless and shiny with this newly formulated wash and wax solution.

  • Dual action - washes and waxes your car at the same time.
  • Suitable for all paint surfaces and detailing.
  • Wont leave any streaks on your car.
  • Armor All Wash N Wax is an all-purpose product for both cleaning and waxing your car! This 2-in-1 formula not only cleans your vehicle, but it also leaves a brilliant aftershine.

    Besides the regular soaps and suds, the solution includes carnauba wax, which gives your automobile a glossy finish to impress anyone who passes by!

    This 1-litre blend is capable of cleaning and waxing any car. It wont ruin your paint job, even if its brand new, or if you have any additional custom detailing.

    You can ditch the rest of your cleaning solutions, the Armor All Wash N Wax is the only product youll ever need!


    Shipping Weight 1.08 kg
    Package Width 11.5 cm
    Package Height 24.5 cm
    Package Depth 5.5 cm


    Product Type Description N/A
    Brand ARMORALL

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