Alcosense Pro Black Semi-Conductor Breathalyser

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    Manufacturer Part No. ALS-PRO-B

    Alcosense Pro Black Semi-Conductor Breathalyser


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    The AlcoSense Pro breathalyzer was the first semiconductor alcohol tester under $200 to be certified to Australian Standard AS3547. One of the most popular breathalyzers for personal use in Australia, the AlcoSense Pro promises fast, reliable results at a highly affordable price.
  • Advanced semiconductor sensor: With an advanced semiconductor sensor, the AlcoSense Pro provides 2 decimal place BAC readings within minutes.
  • Normal and fast mode testing: The AlcoSense Pro has two modes: in Normal mode it measures the amount of blood alcohol concentration and provides a 2 decimal place reading, or it can be used as a responder unit in Fast mode to test multiple people for the presence of alcohol. In Fast mode, results are presented within seconds and without the need for mouthpieces. Great for testing friends and family quickly on a night out.
  • User-friendly design: The Pro is easy to use and perfect as your first personal breathalyzer or as a gift to new drivers. Other than providing reliable readings, the Pro has an automatic counter displaying the number of times used, Flow Check that notifies you when the breath sample provided is not enough, and Battery Low indicator.
  • In the box: Each AlcoSense Pro comes packed in a box with a soft carry pouch, hand strap, batteries and five individually wrapped mouthpieces to get you started.


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    Package Width 14.3 cm
    Package Height 5.2 cm
    Package Depth 18.2 cm


    Product Type Description Alcohol Testers, Alcohol Testers, Up to 50% off
    Brand ANDATECH

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