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At Autobarn, We 'Know How'

At Autobarn, we know how to help you get the most from your car, and we're publishing a series of articles devoted to exactly that.

Month by month, we'll be adding new informative articles, covering everything from DIY mechanics and vehicle maintenance, holiday spots to product reviews and guides. Whether you're a DIY mechanic, an A-to-B traveler or a holiday seeker, with Autobarn 'Know How' you can't go wrong.

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Maintaining and Replacing Your Battery

The Battery is the heart of your car; Here's all you need to know to keep it healthy.

Cleaning Your Wheels

Clean your wheels the right way to bring back their shine!

Changing a Wheel

Changing a wheel is a must have skill for every motorist.

Changing Windscreen Wiper Blades

Are your wiper blades squeeking or past their best?

Replacing Brake Pads

Ensure your vehicle stops when you need it to!

Escape to North Queensland

Fancy a tropical escape to beautiful North Queensland?

Using a Pressure Washer

The best way to use that must have item.

Choosing the Right Stereo System

Get the best from your car's audio!

10 Essential Automotive Tools

Looking to update the tools in your garage or workshop? We help you find ten must-have automotive tools. 

Cleaning Your Screens

It's clear: Cleaning that screen is vital! 

Regular Car Maintenance

Check Your Car Regularly To Reduce Wear and Tear! 

Wipers Maintenance

So, your wipers aren’t clearing the water as well as they used to, or perhaps they make noises such as squeaks or squeals, or maybe they jump and shudder across the windscreen? 

Supercharge Batteries

Choosing a battery that will go the distance is critical. Let Supercharge help! 

Battery Chargers

Which Battery Charger Is Right For Me? 

Car Audio Integration & Upgrades

Did you know that you can have dramatically improved sound quality from your existing car stereo? 

Autobarn The Installation Experts

We can fit this for you! 

Jump Starters

Choosing the right Jump Starter 

Dash Cams and Bluetooth

What Are Dash Cams and Bluetooth Connectivity 

Air Compressors & Accessories

Essential for your garage... 

5 Steps To Paint Care

Get your vehicle looking it's best.

Towing Safety

Be safe whilst towing!

Roof Carrying Options

Camping, Sport and Trade Accessories!

UHF Radios

The range of uses for UHF radio are endless from home, office, warehouse, schools and club environment to four wheel driving. 

Reversing Cameras & Driver Safety  

Even confident drivers can be deceived by what they can’t see from the driver’s seat...

5 Steps To Dent Repair

Sometimes your car will get a dent that’s too small to justify the expense of a full body shop repair but too big to simply ignore.

Performance Seats and Steering Wheels

When customising the interior of your car, one of the most useful changes you can make are the replacement of your seats and steering wheel.

Heat and Sound Shield

Control heat, vibrations and sound bleed.

Customisation: Turning Heads

Tips on just how to achieve the look you want; bodywork, under the hood and the interior.

4WD Recovery

Doing it safely means you have the right gear to get you out of trouble...

Brake Service

Maintaining the brakes on your vehicle is important to keep yourself and other road users safe.

Get Ready For Winter - 1. Wipers 

So, your wipers aren’t clearing the water as well as they used to, or perhaps they make noises such as squeaks or squeals, or maybe they jump and shudder across the windscreen?

Get Ready For Winter - 2. Glass Care

Research has shown that driver vision can be measurably impaired by a dirty windscreen, increasing the likelihood of an accident.

Are Your Headlights Letting You Down?

Improve your vision when driving at night...

Battery Charging Solutions For Modern Vehicles

Battery charging solutions for modern vehicles...

Lead Acid Battery Types And Their Applications

When it comes to Lead Acid batteries there are many types with different applications...

Car Covers

Protect and extend the life of your car.

Are You Using The Right Engine Oil For Your Car?

Using the right engine oil for your car not only helps to prevent costly repairs but also maximises fuel economy and engine performance.

Pioneer Studio Series

Check out Pioneer's range of features in their Studio Series...

Driving Lights

So, you want to improve the lighting output of your vehicle by adding some driving lights...

Update Your Car’s Sound

...without replacing the factory stereo.

Essential Tools For The Home Workshop

Doing repairs and maintenance on your own vehicles can be an enjoyable pastime for many and can also save you a lot of money...

Customise Your Car

We are all unique and want to be different in one way or another. Our motor vehicle is no different to this and can be an extension of expressing our individuality...

My First Car

Whether you have a new car or even if it’s your first car, there are things you can do to protect your ride and make it more enjoyable to own.

Why Use An Additive?

Did you know that we have a range of engine additives that can provide additional protection and help extend the life of your car’s engine?

Accessories For Touring 4WD Vehicles

The accessories you need for that next adventure...

4 Tips For Car Care

Follow these 4 simple tips to maintain a great look for your car... 

Keeping Your Common Rail Diesel Engine Running Like New

Modern diesel engines are hi-tech beasts. They deliver outstanding performance and fuel economy, but there are some things you need to know to keep them running like new...

Paint & Paint Mixing

At Autobarn we have the know how to help you with all the tools, paint and tips to undertake any DIY repair, from a complete respray down to repairing those annoying or unsightly dents or scratches...

Vehicle & Driver Safety

All you need to know about Dash Cameras and Reversing Mirrors & Sensors...

Keeping Your Cooling System In Top Shape

The liquid that runs through the radiator and cooling system of your vehicle does a really important job in keeping your engine running at the correct temperature... 

4WD Essentials 

4-Wheel-Driving safely means you must have the right gear to get you out of trouble...

Camping Set Up

What do you need for your next trip away?

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